Advanced 100G Networking Capabilities @ TNC 2012,
May 20 - 25, Reykjavik (IS).
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Distributing scientific data from the world scale eScience experiments for processing and analysis requires the use of 10, 40 and 100 Gbit/s connectivity with constant and lowest possible latency on cross border and trans oceanic dark fiber. Examples are: distributing and replicating data from CERN (LHC) in Geneva to other locations such as in the Nordic countries, connecting computer clusters for distributed multi scale simulations (, or digital cinema material distributed editing and processing ( In this demonstration and experiment the goals are to gain experience in setting up such very long haul photonic connections passing through several different domains containing various vendors DWDM equipment, work on transport protocols and tuning, and monitor and measure different properties of the traffic, in particular latency and throughput as function of different tuning parameters and architecture choices including solid state drives at the sending and/or receiving end.

TNC 2012 demonstrator related posters @ CIENA Booth (webcam) 

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CIENA Coherent Optical Networking Farice
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Playing with Light

Press release : REYKJAVIK, Iceland and LINTHICUM, Md., U.S.A. - May 21, 2012 - Ciena(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: CIEN), the network specialist, is leading a consortium of several of the world's leading research institutions, including CERN, SURFnet, NORDUnet, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in a series of unique experiments for the Research & Education community at the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2012) taking place in Iceland on May 21-24. The event marks the first time that a single fibre pair transports 100G traffic to Iceland, connecting TNC2012 to the global research community through NORDUnet and SURFnet as well as enabling a range of collaborative demonstrations.


Defining Inter-Cloud Architecture Framework for Interoperability and Federation. Yuri Demchenko, Marc X. Makkes, Rudolf Strijkers, Canh Ngo, Cees de Laat (UvA), Joan A. Garcia-Espin (I2CAT) This poster will present on-going research to develop the InterCloud Architecture that should address problems in multi-provider multi-domain heterogeneous Cloud based applications integration and interoperability, including integration and interoperability with legacy infrastructure services. Cloud technologies are evolving as a common way of infrastructure services and resources virtualisation and provisioning on-demand. In this way, they bring applications and infrastructure services mobility and physical/hardware platform independency to the existing distributed computing and networking technologies. The paper refers to existing standards in Cloud Computing, in particular, recently published NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA). The proposed InterCloud Architecture defines four complimentary components addressing inter-cloud interoperability and integration: multi-layer Cloud Services Model that combines commonly adopted cloud service models, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, in one multilayer model with corresponding inter-layer interfaces; InterCloud Control and Management Plane that supports cloud based applications interaction; InterCloud Federation Framework, InterCloud Operation Framework.

GEMBus/ESB based Services Composition Platform for Cloud PaaS. P. Martinez-Julia (UMU.ES), Y. Demchenko (UvA), C. Ngo (UvA), M. Grammatikou (GRNET), C. Marinos (GRNET), S. Kafetzoglou (GRNET), R. Hedberg (UMU.SE), A.-D. Pérez-Morales (RedIRIS), E. Torroglosa (UMU.ES)


Press release : Advanced 100G Networking Capabilities at TERENA Networking Conference TNC 2012, may 20 - 25, Reykjavik (IS)
slides : Jeroen van der Ham - Presentation: "Topology Issues in Inter-Domain Connection Services."
slides : Rodney Wilson - presentation: "Next Generation Research Network Challenges."
slides : Rodney Wilson - green panel: "How Industry can help European Researchers Be more Green."
page : Amsterdam CineGrid Exchange portal.
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page : ACE - Amsterdam CineGrid Exchange Portal.

Acknowledgement: The collaborators involved in the experiments and demonstrations described above would like to acknowledge the immense contribution in these and past joint projects from our colleague and Ciena's systems engineering expert Jan Willem Elion, who tragically died in a skiing accident last month. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jan Willem's family.

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