ClearStream: 40 Gbit/s Alien Lightpaths @ TNC 2011, may 16 - 19, Prague (CZ)

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Distributing scientific data from the world scale eScience experiments for processing and analysis requires the use of 40 and 100 Gbit/s connectivity with constant and lowest possible latency on cross border dark fiber spanning distances up to 6000 km. Examples are: distributing and replicating data from CERN (LHC) in Geneva to other locations such as in the Nordic countries, connecting computer clusters for distributed multi scale simulations (, or digital cinema material distributed editing and processing ( In this demonstration and experiment the goals are to gain experience in setting up such very long haul photonic connections passing through several different domains containing various vendors DWDM equipment, work on transport protocols and tuning, and monitor and measure different properties of the traffic, in particular latency and throughput as function of different tuning parameters and architecture choices including solid state drives at the sending and/or receiving end.

TNC 2011 demonstrator related posters and WebCam @ CIENA Booth

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CIENA Coherent Optical Networking
surfnet-nortel_AlienWave.pdf 2011-05-12-Coherent_Optical_Networking.pdf

ClearStream@GLIF-2010 ClearStream@SC-2010 Abstract
2010-10-13-ClearStream-glif.pdf 2010-11-11-ClearStream-sc.pdf 2011-05-14-tnc2011-cloud-iaas.pdf


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2011-o-5 Press Release: SURFnet and NORDUnet collaborate to create an international, multi- domain 40Gb/s Alien Wave network over more than 4300km
Webpage Ciena blog: Bleeding-edge 40GbE demo goes live at TNC 2011

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