SURF Booth #3322 @ SC 2013, nov 17 - 22, Denver, Colorado.
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SC2013 Technical program presentations by Booth members.

  • R. Ostilla Monico, E. P. van der Poel, S. Grossmann, R. Verzicco & D. Lohse, "Towards the “ultimate” state of turbulence.", paper.
  • Alexandru Iosup, Kefeng Deng, Junqiang Song, Kaijun Ren, "Exploring Portfolio Scheduling for Long-term Execution of Scientific Workloads in IaaS Clouds", paper, presentation.
  • Alexandru Iosup, Ana Lucia Varbanescu et al., "Towards Benchmarking Graph-Processing Platforms",program, paper.
  • Alexandru Iosup, Dick Epema, "On the Gamification of a Graduate Course on Cloud Computing", program, paper.
  • Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Alexandru Iosup, "On Many-Task Big Data Processing: from GPUs to Clouds.", program, paper, presentation.
  • Cees de Laat, Research Data Alliance BOF, SC13, Denver (USA): "the DUTCH hosting of the 4th RDA Plenary Meeting in 2014.", presentation.

SC2013 demonstrators in the Dutch Consortium Booth (click on poster to download pdf)

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