Dutch Research Consortium Booth #0642 @ SC 2011, nov 12 - 18, Seattle, WA

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SC2011 demonstrators in the Dutch Consortium Booth (click on poster to download high res pdf)
Dynamic Infrastructure On Demand using TouchTable configuration.
Live Monitoring
2011-11-11_AutomatedGole.pdf AutoGOLE-2011-11-13.pdf

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About HPDMnet
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CIENA Playing with Light FGCS CineGrid.
team flowers IMG_5795-small.gif CineGrid special issue

For iPAD: it seems that the video's on the iPad require starting by clicking on them. That means that the normal href is not used or accessible. So here are the links to the five video's on this page:
WebCam 1 WebCam 2 WebCam 3

AutoGole monitoring
Slides Presenter Title
2011-11-13 C. de Laat Holland Avond SC11, Seattle: "Back to the Future!"
2011-11-15 C. de Laat SC11 BOF "Towards  a Unified Cyberinfrastructure", Seattle: "Back to the Future!"
2011-11-17 C. de Laat GreenTouch, Seattle (WA): "GreenClouds."

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