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2018-11-10 EU EOSC project approved: "FAIRsFAIR", UvA participation led by Yuri Demchenko.

EU H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-2020 project approved: "ENVRI-FAIR - ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society, Innovation and Research", by Zhiming Zhao (WP lead), Paul Martin, Spiros Koulouzis, Paola Grosso

EU H2020-ICT-2018-2020 project approved: "ARTICONF - smART SocIal media eCOsytstems in a blockchaiN Federated environment" by  Zhiming Zhao (WP lead), Paul Martin and Paola Grosso

NWO Infrastructuur medium project approved: "DAS-6: A distributed research ecosystem for trusted data analytics", Cees de Laat, Adam Belloum, Paola Grosso and Ana Varbanescu

NWO/C2D DATA2PERSON project approved: "EPI - Enabling Personalized Interventions." by Cees de Laat (PI), Sander Klous (co-PI), Tom van Engers, Leon Gommans and Paola Grosso.

2018-05-23 Best Paper Award. Catalin Bogdan Ciobanu, Giulio Stramondo, Cees de Laat, Ana Lucia Varbanescu, "MAX-PolyMem: High-Bandwidth Polymorphic Parallel Memories for DFEs", RAW 2018 workshop at IPDPS, http://raw.necst.it/

NWO TOP project approved: "AVVA: Accelerated Verification and Verified Acceleration"    by Rob van Nieuwpoort (co-PI) and Pieter Hijma.

2018-05-09 Session organized by Cees de Laat (chair) at Internet2 Summit, San Diego,  May 9, 2018; "Digital Marketplaces Using Novel Infrastructure Models."

Industrial project with Equinix and KLM approved: "DMAAS: Digital Market As A Service (phase 1)", Cees de Laat, Leon Gommans and Paola Grosso   

SURFnet project approved: "DOOS - DTN, Open hardware, Open Software and evolution", by Paola Grosso.

LexisNexis Best Paper Award (2) 2018, Wouter van Haaften, Tom van Engers, Robert Meijer: "A Normative Systems Perspective on Autonomous Systems: The Future of Driving"


2017-12-18 eScience project "Smart, secure container networks for trusted Big Data Sharing" (SeConNet) led by dr. Paola Grosso (PI), Leon Gommans, Cees de Laat approved.

NWO Perspectief project approved: "EDL - Efficient Deep Learning", by Rob van Nieuwpoort (co-PI) et all.

EU Erasmus+ EACEA 04/2017 project approved: "MATES - Maritime Alliance for fostering the European Blue economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy.", by Yuri Demchenko (WP lead). 

EU-Erasmus: "FECCCWS - Focusing Education on Composability, Comprehensibility and Correctness of Working Software", by Clemens Grelck

EU project approved: "TeamPlay - Time, Energy and security Analysis for Multi/Many-core heterogenous PLAtforms.", by Sebastian Altmeyer and Clemens Grelck.

EU project approved: "ALOHA - Software framework for runtime-Adaptive and secure deep Learning On Heterogeneous Architectures." by Andy Pimentel.

EU-Infra project approved: " PROCESS - Exascale data processing", by Adam Belloum (WP lead) and Rob van Nieuwpoort

Project approved by NWO: Secure scalable policy-enforced distributed data processing (SSPDDP)" by Tom van Engers, Leon Gommans, Sander Klous, Cees de Laat   

2017-07-05 NWA-VWDATA startimpuls approved by NWO. Workpackage Accessibility & Operability by Cees de Laat (PI), SNE with VU, ULeiden and TNO.

2017-06-23 Data Logistics 4 Logistics Data project approved by NWO, by Lydia Meijer (PI), Cees de Laat (PI), Tom van Engers, Leon Gommans, Sander Klous. Here the NWO Dutch press release.

2017-04-25 Session organized by Cees de Laat (chair), Rodney Wilson and Leon Gommans at Internet2 Summit, Washington, April 25 2017; "Distributed Big Data Assets Sharing & Processing."

2017-03-22 Poster Award @ ICT.OPEN: Ralph Koning, Ben de Graaff, Robert Meijer, Cees de Laat, Paola Grosso, "Determining the effectiveness of countermeasures against cyber attacks."

LexisNexis Best Paper Award (2) 2018, Wouter van Haaften, Tom van Engers, Robert Meijer: "A Normative Systems Perspective on Autonomous Systems: The Future of Driving"


2016-11-13 SC16: INDIS workshop chaired by Grosso & Tierney & Veererghavan & de Laat underway and many contributions to program and Dutch booth.

2016-09-22 Rob van Nieuwpoort, professor by special appointment of Efficient Computing for eScience (UvA press release).

2016-06-21 SC16: INDIS Workshop Call for Papers: "Innovating the Network for Data Intensive Science (INDIS)"

2016-04-19 Rob van Nieuwpoort will speak about �Size does matter!� Big Data and Big Compute in Radio Astronomy. Tuesday 19 April 2016, 15:00, UvA Science Park 904, C0.05.

2016-04-15 Amsterdam Data Science event: Coffee & Data on Infrastructures, 15 April 2016, 09:00 - 12h00, VU Computer Science M143.


2015-07-17 VENI award for Sebatian Altmeyer; "The time is now: Timing Verification for Safety-Critical Multi-Cores"

2015-07-01 Hoofdartikel in IPN nieuws magazine over SARNET en samenwerking KLM: "Het netwerk als zwaarddanser"

2015-06-02 Ana Lucia Varbanescu, MacGillavry Fellow, awarded Horizon 2020 project SWITCH. (news link)

2015-05-21 VRE4EIC H2020 project awarded to the SNE lab in the Informatics Institute.

2015-05-21 EDISON H2020 project awarded to the SNE lab in the Informatics Institute.

2015-05-20 Students select SNE master as the best in Informatics in the Netherlands (http://www.studiekeuze123.nl/).

2015-04-29 Well visited SARNET session at Internet2 Global summit.

2015-04-26 STW  project iDAPT awarded to SNE lab members Rafael Poss and Andy Pimentel.

2015-03-26 Drie UvA-Informatiewetenschappen masters beoordeeld als �Top-opleiding�, UvA nieuws.

2015-02-13 KLM teams with UvA in COMMIT/ project, press release, see also computable.

2015-02-03 Large H2020 grant awarded to SNE and partners: ENVRI-plus.


2014-11-26 Oratie Sander Klous: "De onbegrensde mogelijkheden van Big Data."

2014-10-20 SNE and SE masters among the top in the Netherlands: SNE 2nd and SE 3th place among IT masters.

2014-10-16 Two H2020 grants awarded to SNE and partners: SWITCH and CYCLONE.

2014-07-11 Security Autonomous Response NETworks (SARNET) ontvangt grote subsidie van NWO en industrie.

2014-05-28 Sander Klous, professor of Big Data Ecosystems for Business and Society.

2014-05-25 Call for papers and advanced network demonstrations at SC14.

2014-03-18 NRC interview samen met Marleen Stikker door Laura Wismans ihkv Fix The Internet: "Web is te volwassen geworden".

CineGrid Call for Papers, FGCS, deadline May 31, 2014.
2014-01-01 Open position Postdoctoral researcher eScience project: "Reasoning with large-scale data over wide-area networks".


2013-10-19 Interview quote "alles tappen is niet zo simpel en zeker niet goedkoop" in Volkskrant artikel "Wat weten wij van de NSA?",

2013-04-17 Groen software project; subsidie van het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO), om te onderzoeken hoe software en hardware optimaal op elkaar kunnen worden afgestemd om data centra groener te laten opereren. Ook in Computable.

2013-03-05 Colloquium: prof. Kei Hiraki, Univ of Tokyo: The Japan Supercomputer project, and, TCP tuning using Machine Learning.

2013-02-11 SNE/OS3 news: Students discover weakness in banking app.

2013-02-11 Telegraaf front page: "Privacylek in pati�ntdossier", referencing dr. Matthijs Koot's work.


2012-10-22 Best paper award @ CLOUD COMPUTING 2012 by Yuri Demchenko et al., "Defining Inter-Cloud Architecture for Interoperability and Integration."

2012-10-07 APC 2012 - Oct 7 - 10: Amsterdam Privacy Conference.

2012-09-27 13h00-16h00: Fred Baker, ISOC MasterClass: "Smart Grids & Smart Objects" and "Bufferbloat" - location: FNWI, Science Park, Amsterdam (ISOC website).

2012-09-20 Publicatie van SURF Trend rapport: "De Bakens Verzetten"

2012-09-05 CineGrid Amsterdam event "De toekomst met 4K", location: Pakhuis de Zwijger.

2012-06-27 10h00: PhD thesis - Matthijs Koot, MSc, defends his thesis titled "Measuring and Predicting Anonymity", location: Agnietenkapel, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231, Amsterdam (press release).

2012-06-27 14h00: Colloquium -  prof. Sweeney, Harvard University, "Can Technology Save Privacy?", location: VOC-zaal, Oost-Indisch Huis, Kloveniersburgwal 48, Amsterdam (press release).

2012-06-22 Colloquium 15h30 - C.1.110: prof. Shantenu, Rutgers University, "Towards Scalable Distributed Applications and Systems: The P* Model of  Pilot-Abstractions."

2012-06-21 FNWI - Focus on research: Computer scientist Jeroen van der Ham (same in dutch).

2012-06-14 June 14-16: Cloud Interop Plugfest @ UvA, organized in cooperation with Open Grid Forum.

2012-06-06 IPv6 launch day @ UvA, watch this space for announcements! We are again organizing a contest with some interesting gadgets!

2012-05-31 Press release: World IPv6 Launch Takes Centre-Stage at Amsterdam�s Science Park. (Dutch version)

2012-05-21 TNC12 demo's up and running: tnc.delaat.net.

2012-05-21 Press release - Advanced 100G Networking Capabilities at TERENA Networking Conference TNC 2012, may 20 - 25, Reykjavik (IS)

2012-04-13 UvA persbericht: "Blokkade The Pirate Bay leidt niet tot minder downloads!", here the report.

2012-03-23 Mini Symposium: Green-IT in the datacenter; Keynote speaker prof. Tajana Rosing, UCSD.


2011-12-05 I2CAT project DANA adopts semantic framework from the SNE group: "OpenNaaS will use NDL to describe networks"!

2011-12-02 IvI: Celebrating 30 years of informatics education in Amsterdam, Friday, 2 December 2011. This joint celebration of UvA/VU features talks by both past and present researchers of the two universities addressing the past, present and future of the field. Program and location can be found here. SNE presented a poster at this event.

2011-11-14 CineGrid special issue in FGCS now for 2 months freely downloadable from Elsevier site.

2011-11-14 Dutch Research Consortium at SuperComputing SC11 Seattle (WA).

2011-06-09 UvA-wetenschapper wijst op risico's Google Profiles.

2011-06-08 IPv6 Challenge: Win and iPad2!, see here ... and the winner is: ... here

2011-06-08 World IPv6 Day activities @ UVA: http://www.ipv6day.nl/

2011-05-16 4000 km six country 40 - 100 Gbit/s Transparent Alien Lightpaths @ TNC 2011

2011-02-15 FNWI - Focus on research: Computer scientist dr. Paola Grosso (same in Dutch).

2011-01-27 Oratie: "Kwaliteit in een virtuele wereld", abstract, videoverslag, vertoonde presentatie en foto's.


2010-12-01 Energy-efficient cloud computing using hardware diversity and elastic scalability (GreenClouds) grant awarded: NWO page, in news section (Dutch)

2010-11-15 Ciena Puts High Performance Networking into Action at SC10. UvA was one of the principle partners in this effort.

2010-10-13 Ciena, Mellanox, SURFnet and University of Amsterdam Successfully Complete Leading-Edge, Single Stream Demonstration in 40 Gbps, Long-Haul Optics.  Pushed up to 35 Gbps through transparant Lambda end to end (presentation).


2009-06-19 Mini-symposium June 19th 2009: Networked Visualization for e-Science.


2007-07-03 CineGrid @ Holland festival: the first successful demonstration of trans-Atlantic streaming over photonic IP networks of 4K digital motion pictures and 5.1 surround sound.

2007-07-02 Vrij reizen mogelijk door fout in software voor kaartlezers wegwerp OV-rittenkaart.

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